Buxton Festival Fringe

3rd July to 24th July 2019

Buxton Festival Fringe was started in 1980 to run concurrently with the opera-based Buxton Festival. This open access arts event, one of the largest Fringe festivals in England, provides a showcase for performers of all kinds in a variety of venues with many using it as a springboard for the Edinburgh Fringe. Dance, drama, music, poetry, comedy, film, exhibitions and magic are just some of the forms that have appeared. The Fringe has a respected and professional image with full colour printed programme, reviews, awards, dynamic website and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presence. 2019 marks Fringe40 – the Fringe’s 40th year. It is the biggest ever Fringe with nearly 220 entries and over 760 individual performances. Buxton International Festival, which started a year earlier in 1979, celebrates its 40th anniversary making 2019 a very special year for the town which will also see the long-awaited reopening of The Crescent.   

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