BAFA Members

Three Choirs Festival

BAFA is the development agency for UK arts festivals, connecting members together to share resources, work creatively and develop partnerships. BAFA provides member benefits including discounted festival insurance from Graham Sykes, special offers on ticketing and other festival support from BAFA partners, advocacy and lobbying including through BAFA’s flagship research programme, Festivals Mean Business, networking and festival advice. We also provide membership for arts organisations and universities.

‘First and foremost BAFA membership is about friendship and support. We “festival animals” are an eccentric bunch and the BAFA network acts as a forum and a playground for swapping our experiences, challenges and triumphs. Festivals large and small face similar testing times, and there’s nowhere else like a BAFA conference to compare our issues, learn from others, or generally set the arts world to rights. I’ve conjured up co-productions, made new artistic connections, swapped notes on policies  and learned a lot through structured sessions, or reflected and digested in the bar afterwards (!)  – all of which has helped me and Canterbury Festival enormously. We’ve availed of special BAFA discounts on services, and benefitted from the recommendations of other festivals regarding suppliers and technical services. I would put a fiver on the fact that there’s not a problem in the Festival world that one of our BAFA members hasn’t already cracked …and they will be happy to share how they did it. How do you put a price on that?  I thoroughly recommend that festivals new or established join the BAFA family. From on-line resources to lifelong friendships – BAFA does the lot!’

Rosie Turner
Canterbury Festival