Audience Agency

Our mission is to give the public a voice in shaping a vibrant, relevant culture.

The Audience Agency is a mission-led charity: our purpose is to enable cultural organisations to use our national data to increase their relevance, reach and resilience.We believe arts and culture have the power to improve the quality of people’s lives, to create meaning and community, to promote empathy and learning. The more citizens are involved in shaping culture and taking part, the greater the power.

Cultural organisations are more savvy and creatively inspired than ever before by the challenges of becoming more relevant and extending their reach, whilst being entrepreneurial and resilient. There is also a real enthusiasm for the role data can play in achieving these goals. The Audience Agency has the mix of specialist skills, overall digital literacy, data assets, know-how and passion that can help meet those challenges. We strive to bring data and insight to our colleagues in inspiring and engaging ways, which solve real-life problems. It’s about people, not metrics.