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Tête à Tête

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Tête à Tête


26-7-2018 to 18-8-2018


King's Cross

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Tête à Tête is the future of opera


Now in its 11th year our festival of new opera  continues to push frontiers filling King’s Cross, London with sound, spectacle and an explosion of creativity.

Running for three weeks at venues throughout the area, full details announced early June.

Opera is not only the most complex, but also the most visceral of art forms. Unless its driver is something that forces a raw primal cri de coeur, it makes no sense. That is why the most common drivers are sex or death, though we have seen many others over the years at Tête à Tête, as well as plenty of sex and a fair bit of death. Recent causes to cry out include the moment of childbirth, an all-consuming frustration at Trump's Immigration ban, knife-throwing, and Brexit. Whatever we have coming up for you, we can guarantee it'll be a scream!



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