Tsitsit Fringe

30 October to 20 November 2022

Tsitsit is a new fringe festival for anyone wanting to perform music or shows of Jewish interest. From comedy to klezmer, theatre to tzimmes, if it’s Jewish enough for you, it’s Jewish enough for us.

Tsitsit is encouraging performers and performances from all four corners of the UK and beyond and working with venues that reflect the diverse history of Jewish settlement. Over four Sundays from Aberdeen to Penzance, from Cork to Colchester and from Llandudno to Lincoln we will be showcasing the rich diversity of contemporary Jewish cultures and identities.

Tsitsit Fringe will have 5 categories: comedy; theatre (including music theatre and spoken word); music; family; and ‘on the other hand’ (for events that don’t fit any of the first four).

For more information please visit Tsitsit Fringe
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